“Male, Man, or Mouse”

#WarriorPoetWhat’s the measure of a man?Love reveals the truth #RulesOfEngagement #ROE #WordsAboutThangs #haikuImage: Alexas Fotos /Pexels 26032022


“40” Like a half-drowned cat Hauled out by my kitten neck. Pause: on solid ground. Image: Ludvig Hedenborg /Pexels 14032022 #haiku #WordsAboutThangs

“Leadership 404”

“Leadership 404” What I say is Law. You will. You must. You have to. You’re a sheep. Follow. #haiku #WordsAboutThangs Photo: Rachel Claire / Pexels

Greetings & Welcome!

Just to let you know #Team #WordsAboutThangs is up and running and looking forward to hearing from our valued clients for updates, content refreshers, and/or makeovers. Don’t be shy!

“Sarf Effrika”

Sarf Effrika #FreedomDay 27042021 reality don’t feel real till you’ve been bit respect ain’t a thang till you been dissed freedom isn’t free till you’ve paid for it IMAGE Jody Davis / jodylehigh / Pixabay #WordsAboutThangs