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Poetry is but one form of mudthang's creativity, which takes many forms. Content from Twitter timeline streams look like traditional #haiku meaning 17 syllables spread over three lines in the 5/7/5 format. That works well in a medium restricted to 140 characters.

Living with a capital F

liFe beneath this Rock
(loved, loathed and sometimes worshipped)
Called Table Mountain.

But I also *like* narrative writing, whether it's micro, sudden, short or long form media and have published an ebook called Thirty by Thirty. This collection of 30 poems with spiritual inclinations and reflections is available for purchase from as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other ebook platforms.
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As I've noted elsewhere, we need to encourage and respect writers like any VIP creative person - musicians, artists, actors. They are an endangered species in today's crazy media-saturated, integrity-hostile world.

As readers, we should want writers to say, "Wow awesome! I wrote that? Hell yes - Hot DAMN! I *love* using this special gift I've been trusted with!"

If you're a new, developing or as yet unpublished writer
DO-NOT-LOSE-HOPE. Don't you dare!

Like any artist, you have a special gift. Treasure it, nurture it with love and tenderness and... share it!