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is based in Cape Town, South Africa

The frog known as mudthang is a writing, editing and media specialist with many moons' experience across various organisations, corporates, NPOs and project-based clients. The frog began wriggling as a media-conscious tadpole in 1992. See Linked In profile for professional details at

I am passionate about words and using them well to communicate with others. I believe that asking the right questions at the right time and listening carefully are valuable tools for the recovery of deeper wisdom. I believe appropriate technology tools, like web-based services and social media platforms, are resources to be used responsibly and well. But respect for people before "thangs", always.

When people ask me to explain what I do as an Editor and Writer, I say: "We need to encourage and respect writers like any VIP creative person - musicians, artists, actors. They are an endangered species in today's crazy media-saturated, integrity-hostile world. Try hard to listen and hear the Artist's voice and do what you can to make it as clear and distilled as possible. When a writer gets my feedback, I want her or him to say 'Wow awesome! I wrote that? Hell yes - Hot DAMN, I *love* using this special gift I've been trusted with!' That's what I try very carefully to do."

Feel free to find and contact me online. See my contact page for details.